Our services are guided by RESOLUTION.

We work with a mix of services that meet all the legal demands of companies. Our performance is focused on the context and needs of each client.

Administrative Law

  • Consultative action: issuing legal opinions and opinions in order to resolve doubts and suggest how to act before the Public Power.
  • State Inspection: preventive action, with a view to reducing the possibility of non-compliance; concomitantly, accompanying the State’s inspection actions, or subsequently, through administrative or judicial defenses (Administrative or Judicial Litigation).
  • Consulting: bidding procedures and administrative contract execution.
  • Preliminary defense and contestation: work in lawsuits for administrative misconduct.
  • Follow-up in negotiations: action aimed at signing a Conduct Adjustment Term and/or Leniency Agreement.
  • To the citizen: we provide consultancy services on the most varied topics related to Public Administration.
Administrative Law

Agrobusiness Law

  • Consultation and elaboration of agrarian contracts: advising on the elaboration and analysis of the best instrument to be used in relation to agrarian contracts.
  • Banknotes and credit notes related to agribusiness: advice on credit titles, verification of regularity and security.
  • Elaboration and consultancy in partnership contracts: advising on the elaboration of partnership contracts, based on the relevant legislation and judicialization of contracts.
  • Consultancy in Tax Law specific to Agribusiness: consultancy in the advisory, administrative and judicial areas regarding taxation in agribusiness.
  • Family succession in agribusiness: carrying out management work, planning to prepare the succession and mitigate the risk of rural activity.
Agrobusiness Law

Environmental Law

  • Consultative action on environmental issues: issuing legal opinions and opinions, with a view to clarifying doubts and suggesting the way in which the company and citizens should act.
  • Environmental Administrative Proceeding: before State inspection, the office acts in a: (a) preventive manner, with a view to reducing the possibility of non-compliance; (b) reactive, through administrative defenses (Administrative Litigation).
  • Environmental Judicial Proceeding: action aimed at defending the client’s interests in legal proceedings, with the preparation and protocol of declaratory actions or defenses in legal actions promoted by public entities.
  • Follow-up in negotiations: aims to sign a Conduct Adjustment Term with the environmental inspection bodies or the Public Ministry.
Environmental Law

Banking and Cooperative Law

  • Monitoring and representation in lawsuits: with the objective of minimizing charges in passive claims.
  • Assistance in structuring the recovery and respective mechanisms: in corporate, tax and financial operations planning.
  • Advising on national and international financial operations.
  • Assessment and planning of debits and credits with financial institutions.
  • Assessment of the situation of credits and guarantees in the operations carried out.
  • Preparation, analysis and/or review of standard contracts: whether in financial or banking transactions, with customers and/or suppliers.
  • Analysis, elaboration and/or review of financial risks.
  • Preparation of legal opinions and opinions: on financial or banking transactions involving customers, suppliers or partners.
  • Debt reorganization and credit recovery: extrajudicial, judicial.
  • Monitoring and inspection of procedures: aimed at the fiduciary sale of real estate.
Banking and Cooperative Law

Civil Law

  • We work in related areas of Business Law, such as: contracts, corporate, civil liability, consumer and banking.
  • Litigation: actions for indemnity, collection and credit recovery, declaratory actions, determination of assets, revisions of bank contracts, judicial recovery processes, company bankruptcy, among others.
  • Consultancy and consultancy: drafting and reviewing contracts, opinions, studies, corporate (re)organization, succession planning, holding companies, mergers and acquisitions, trademarks and patents.

Some of the services most performed by the office:

  • Review of banking contracts: preparation of a technical study to defend the client’s rights and interests before banking institutions.
  • Review, preparation and compliance in contracts in general: analysis, study and application of conduct to discipline the full compliance with legal and contractual standards.
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), business succession (eg asset management and holding) and business in general: application of a set of business operations for the purchase or composition of companies, work in the corporate organization to facilitate the administration and wealth planning of the partners and the company and implementation of corporate governance;
  • Highly complex and/or value-added demands: in particular Health Law, Startup Law, Industrial Property, Trademarks and Patents, Agribusiness Law, among others.
  • LGPD/LGPDP – General Data Protection Law: guidance and training for companies on Law 13.709/2018 – General Data Protection Law – LGPD, addressing the impacts and changes it promoted and promotes in the internal routines of receiving, handling and handling information of its clients, providing an understanding of the legislation, for the correct application in practice, in order to avoid future assessments and even financial liabilities.
Civil Law

International trade Law

  • Consultancy and Preventive and Institutional Legal Advice: in the Port, Maritime and Foreign Trade Sector related to Environment and Sanitary Issues.
  • Advice and monitoring of port environmental licensing processes: guidance on obtaining licenses for port facilities, whether for handling containerized, refrigerated or bulk, solid or liquid cargo.
  • Dealings with official environmental management bodies and with the Public Ministry: to solve incidents in administrative procedures (Environmental Commitment Terms and Conduct Adjustment Terms).
  • Legal Compliance Audit: with a survey of all legislation applicable to the client’s activities, including a monthly update of this legislation (worksheet of legal requirements).
  • Thesis aimed at restitution of values: be they Port, Logistics or Customs.
  • Cost reduction with the import operation: excluding the foreman (THC) from the calculation basis of taxes levied on imports (II, IPI, PIS and Cofins).
  • Refund of the overpaid: to the shipowner or its intermediary agent as a foreman (THC – destination).
  • Suspension and return of the non-invasive container inspection fee – scanning fee.
International trade Law

Technology and Digital Law

  • Consulting and tax and corporate litigation for companies and technology: advice on the best corporate type and tax planning to be used.
  • Preparation and review of terms of use and Privacy Policies for websites and adaptation of processes to the General Data Protection Law: advice on the internalization of the LGPD, training of employees and other adjustments to comply with the law.
  • Preparation of electronic contracts: advising on the preparation of contractual instruments and smart contracts
  • Business model and structure for Startups, Fintechs and E-commerce: advice and indication of initial instruments and business structuring models.
  • Intellectual property consultancy: consultancy for the protection, registration and other rights and obligations related to the subject.
Technology and Digital Law

International Law

  • Legal assistance in the acquisition of real estate and investments: verification of regularity with administrative bodies and due diligence of all documentation related to acquisitions.
  • Preparation of opinions and contracts: documents based on Brazilian and international legislation, including international treaties.
  • Legal assistance to foreign companies in their performance and investments in the domestic market: provide assistance to companies for acquisition, sale and investments, in view of Brazilian legislation.
  • Tax planning in international transactions or investments: carry out tax planning, aiming at reducing taxes, performing compliance and adapting to international rules.
  • Approval of foreign judgment: assistance with the competent bodies, for the protocol and follow-up of the approval of judgment issued in a foreign State.
International Law

Insurance Law

  • We act on behalf of Insurers, through legal defenses in all types of insurance and in all instances (Life, RC, D&O, Credit life, Microinsurance, Extended Warranty, among others), as well as in administrative defenses with the control body of Consumer Protection (PROCON), or even with the insurance regulator in Brazil, the Superintendency of Private Insurance (SUSEP).
  • We also act in compensation, in the search for claims arising from indemnities paid to policyholders with subrogation, using not only the conventional means of action, but also the most advanced forms of search for goods and forms of effective collection with third parties .
  • In the preventive area, we provide assistance in the regulation of claims, focusing on the prevailing case law of the respective subject, to avoid costly and unnecessary litigation, as well as the analysis of insurance and reinsurance products, new or not, for approval or adjustment with SUSEP. Finally, we assist Insurers in preparing the Insurance Compliance Program to comply with the rules of the insurance regulatory sector.
  • Safe Company: is an audit service, which aims to point out the risks and (non)conformities in the company’s insurance area, through a complete review of the insurance contract and those that need to be contracted to avoid risks and meet the Compliance programs .
    – Insurance audit of contracted insurance;
    – Analysis of insurance risks;
    – Development of special insurance projects aiming at economic benefits and optimizing the premium/risk/coverage ratio within the national and international scenario (optional).
Insurance Law

Labor Law

  • Labor compliance: analysis of the practices adopted by the company regarding labor relations, as well as the adequacy to the relevant legislation, in particular the changes arising from the new labor legislation.
  • Acting in a preventive manner: guidance on hiring modalities, contract drafting, working hours, among other routines related to human resources.
  • Monitoring of individual and collective actions: work accidents, terminations, vacations, FGTS, overtime, unhealthy and hazardous work premium, pain and suffering, among other various topics related to the employment relationship.
  • On-site verification of the conditions of the work environment: compliance with specific work safety rules, such as personal protective equipment (NR-06) and unhealthy activities and operations (NR-15), essential to work safety. Payroll Analysis.
  • Representation of companies: acting before unions to negotiate collective agreements. Representation of companies before the Public Ministry of Labor, preparing defenses in Civil Inquiry, Public Civil Action and follow-up for agreement through a Conduct Adjustment Term.
Labor Law

Tax Law

  • Tax planning: a critical look at the peculiarities of each organization, which enables the development of plans in order to optimize taxation, analyzing tax, corporate and contractual issues, based on the provisions of legislation and regulatory rules applicable to each situation.
  • Technical opinions and consultations: qualified information, always supported by the legislation and rules in force, as well as by the doctrine and jurisprudence applicable to the specific case, which ranges from doubts about the correct filling out of a declaration to the existence or not of a tax-generating fact, applicability of immunity, exemption, tax benefit, procedural issues on prescription and statute of limitations, among others.
  • Comprehensive assistance for specific operations: mergers and acquisitions, infrastructure projects, implementation of differentiated tax regimes, corporate restructuring, always with the purpose of streamlining taxpayers’ relations with the tax authorities, optimizing the interests of our clients in all aspects.
  • Tax liability management, with assistance in the adhesion or migration of installments and tax transactions.
  • Tax Administrative Proceedings, with an efficient tax management that acts in the defense and control of the company’s tax liabilities, at the federal, state and/or municipal levels.
  • Tax Lawsuits at the municipal, state or federal levels, aiming at a broad Tax Management, either with the objective of reducing and managing the tax liability, or to increase the company’s financial assets, through the recognition of the right to tax credit obtained in action judicial proceedings.
Tax Law