About us

We are Tahech, an office specialized in business area.

Since 1999 we have served the most diverse segments of industry, commerce, services and agrobusiness.

We work with resoluteness, race and speed. And even though innovation and technology run through our veins, we are conservative in matters of law. We don’t like legal adventures.


  • Feedback


    Culture of constant return in customer relations and among the team.

  • Innovation


    Attorneys’ concern in detecting legal and business opportunities in all areas of law.

  • Technological intelligence

    Technological intelligence

    Use of the best and most modern technological solutions, which solve problems with fluidity and high performance.

  • Know-how


    High specialization and cutting-edge knowledge of the legal team, especially in complex cases.

  • News


    Daily dissemination of new and valuable information, always in line with the customer’s reality.

  • Objectivity


    Providing services quickly, always disciplined by a well-defined deadline policy.

  • Personal relationship

    Personal relationship

    Quality, strategic and long-term relationship, which allows us to understand the particularities of each client in their field of activity.

  • Resolvability


    Team that works hard to solve problems.

Mission, vision and values

The essence of the work we develop and where we want to go are summarized in our Mission, Vision and Values.

  • Mission


    Disseminate, among companies, the relevance of law in generating wealth.

  • Vision


    Legitimize itself as the best law firm in Brazil in detecting and executing legal and business opportunities.

  • Values


    • Diversity
    • Business integrity
    • Obedience to the spirit of the law
    • Respect
    • Innovation

Our team

Tahech has a team of SPECIALIZED lawyers, consultants and employees, distributed in desks in Brazil, United States, England and Portugal.

Get to know our team


In 2020 we expanded the geography of our operations and began to have a more global presence. Within this context we offer support to our client base abroad, as well as to foreign individuals and companies that intend to establish a relationship with Brazil.

  • Head Office

    Guarapuava Paraná

    Padre chagas St, 3150

  • National offices

    Brasília Distrito Federal
    Curitiba Paraná
    Londrina Paraná
    Maringá Paraná
    Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro
    São Paulo São Paulo
    Ribeirão Preto São Paulo
  • International offices

    Orlando United States
    Açores Portugal
    Londres England
    Dalian China
    Hamburg Germany

Work process

We recognize that each company has its own uniqueness so we strive to understand, in details, each client’s business.

As soon as a company signs a contract with our office, we send the personalized welcome kit from Tahech Advogados – a document that summarizes which service was hired and the path that the client can take to extract the optimum potential from our way of working.

At Tahech clients maintain direct contact with specialist lawyers in each area through e-mails, text messages, telephone contacts, video calls and face-to-face meetings.

In addition, companies can monitor the progress of all stages of contracting services, in real time, through Digital CPJ/CPJ Digital.